If you have an Internet site, you probably rely on the backup system the provider employs since it's less likely that you are keeping a daily backup of your data on your PC. The backup can save you in a variety of situations such as deleting some content material unintentionally or an unauthorized third-party accessing your account as the Internet site can be restored to its previous state without difficulty. The only concern is that most companies keep just one copy of your information and when a new one is created, the old one is removed. In other words, if you notice a problem a few days after it has appeared, it'll most likely be too late and the loss of data may be irreversible. Our custom-built backup platform was developed to protect against this sort of an issue and it is a guarantee that you will never lose any of your data. It enables you to pick the content that has to be restored plus the particular date when the backup was made by our system.

Browsable Daily Backups in Web Hosting

When you purchase one of our web hosting solutions, we shall keep backups of your entire info four times each day, so in the event that anything has to be restored, you may use the most up-to-date copy, which means no loss of information or minimal damage in case that you've added data after the last backup was created. You'll also be able to search through all backups going a week back from the File Manager section of your CP, thus you can effortlessly find and restore the files that you need from the specific time that you require. The restoration is as simple as copying a file or a folder from one spot to another, therefore no special competencies are needed. For safety reasons all backup files are read-only to ensure that content can't be deleted from them unintentionally. With this platform you'll never have to worry about the integrity of your info no matter what because we'll constantly have at least a few copies which you will always be able to look through from inside your CP.