A data center is a facility which contains a large number of hosting servers. The web servers can be employed for a number of functions - web hosting, file and picture storage, computing, etc. All bigger businesses that provide online services have their web servers in one or numerous data centers since such a facility can offer the necessary environment and security for the data stored on the hosting servers. This includes environmental adjustments for the humidity and temperature so as to ensure the maximum performance and long life of the servers, backup generators, hardware monitoring and last, but not least, physical security and safety as to make sure that your data can't be accessed by an unauthorized third-party. A inadequately performing data center can easily undermine the services which a business supplies.

Data centers in Web Hosting

Our web hosting servers are stored in five of the biggest data centers worldwide situated in Chicago (USA), London (UK), Pori (FI), Sofia (BG) and Sydney (AU). We provide exactly the same standard of service everywhere as our innovative cloud hosting platform is available in all five of them, but for your advantage, you will be able to choose the one you wish. The continuous operation of your Internet sites shall be guaranteed by powerful diesel backup generators and several backbone Internet providers which each one of the facilities uses in the respective country. The data centers have knowledgeable support teams that keep track of all servers 24/7 and since your websites will be hosted on our state-of-the-art cluster platform, you can be sure that you will enjoy quick and reliable service at all times. All 5 facilities are available on the order page, so you can choose the one closer to you or to your target area.

Data centers in VPS

In order to give you a choice where your sites can be situated, we provide OpenVZ virtual private servers on three different continents. We have got servers in Chicago (US), London (UK), Sofia (BG), Pori (Finland) and Sydney (AU), so your new Virtual Private Server can be created closer to your target market. Each of the facilities delivers outstanding connectivity through some of the major ISPs within the given country, so you'll enjoy amazing loading speeds from anywhere, but for your convenience we present you with a choice for the location. The continuous functioning of the web servers in which your Virtual Private Server shall be created is guaranteed by highly effective generators and UPS units, so your websites will be working regardless of any unexpected infrastructural issues that may appear. We prevent hardware problems as well by employing backup servers and the latest generation of network devices in each of the facilities. One of the primary advantages of acquiring an OpenVZ VPS from our company is that the web servers in all five data centers where the accounts are set up work with Solid-State Drives which are considerably quicker than the classic Hard disks.